Best Live Blackjack Sites

With so many online casinos out there, it can be tough to work out which online blackjack sites are worth your time. This is why we have put together this little guide.

We are not going to tell you everything that you need to know about identifying the best live blackjack sites, because what is good for one person may not necessarily be good for another, but we will give you a few pointers. Zip to the end of this page if you want a quick list of the best sites we have found.

What is live blackjack?

Live blackjack aims to replicate the experience of gambling in a ‘real’ casino. When you play live blackjack, you will be watching a dealer on the screen, connected up to you by the power of the internet. The dealer will be on video and they can talk to you, and you can talk back if you feel that way inclined. Pretty awesome stuff.

You will need to have a fast internet connection if you want to play at the best live blackjack sites after all, nobody really wants to be watching a video which stops and starts every second, right? Particularly when you have a significant sum of cash riding on it!

UK Gambling Commission

First things first, because most people do not seem to think about this, you can’t just head to any old blackjack site. Well, you can, but we certainly would not recommend it. If you are going to be playing at a site then it needs to be a member of the UK Gambling Commission i.e. needs to be fully licensed. This is for your protection.

We are not going to go into everything that the UKGC does for you, but we do want to point out that they do regularly inspect site code to ensure that the games are what they claim to be i.e. that the odds are what are stated.

Online Blackjack Options

Most people do not want to play standard blackjack. That is just bland and a little bit on the boring side. They want to jump into one of several variants. The odds may be a little bit further towards the house, but if you win, then you will get more money…which is always good!

You will also want to ensure that there is a room for every ‘budget’. It is worth pointing out at this stage that live blackjack is going to be a bit more expensive than if you were playing with the computer software.

This is because the dealers do not work for free. It will not be drastically expensive, but do not expect to be betting from a couple of pennies.

Live Blackjack Systems

You will want to ensure the following:

  • There are several different live blackjack rooms you can enter. Remember; these rooms fill up quickly and they are often ‘shared’ between multiple casinos (they all use the same software for the most part), and if there are not enough rooms available, you will not get to play.
  • The video is nice and smooth. Remember; your internet connection will play a role here. Your internet may play ball with some sites and not other sites.
  • The interface is easy to use.

Other things to consider when finding the best live blackjack sites

You may wish to think about the following:

  • Whether there are other games available outside of blackjack. Maybe a couple of slots or some other table games.
  • The quality of the customer support i.e. how easy it is to get in touch with them, operating hours etc.
  • The quality of the site bonuses. Not only do you want welcome bonuses here, but you also want some extra incentives to keep playing on the website.
  • How easy it is to deposit and withdraw cash from your account.

Don’t fancy putting in the effort?

We don’t blame you. We are the same as you. We want to dive into gambling right away. This is why our team have put together a list of the best live blackjack sites around.

This is a list which will be constantly updated too, so make sure that you check back regularly as you never know when you are going to uncover a new, amazing website!