Wonky Wabbits Slot Review

The Wonky Wabbits slot machine is every bit as crazy as the name would have you believe. If you love quirky machines which have a high chance of a big payout, then you are going to love tucking into this one.

How to Play Wonky Wabbits Slot

The Wonky Wabbits slot machine has been created by NetEnt. It boasts 5-reels and 15 paylines. The minimum bet is 30p with the maximum bet being £150. With an average payout of 96.50%, this is roughly in line with other NetEnt slot machines. Basically, this payout is going to be pretty high, which means you can expect those wins to roll in rather frequently.

The theme of this particular slot machine is very cartoonish. It boasts bright colours and a rather zany soundtrack. While the game doesn’t really go beyond this when it comes to theme, it is something that we genuinely loved, so we have no real issues here.

One of the ‘main features’ of the Wonky Wabbits slot machine, and something that you will be experiencing in the base game constantly, is the ‘Pay Both Ways’ feature. This means that the game pays out right to left and left to right. So, essentially, it pays out both ways. For this reason, many people regard this slot machine as having 30 paylines.

The only other thing that you really need to be aware of during standard play are your wilds. As a keen slot machine player, you should be more than aware that wilds are some of the best symbols that you can get during standard gameplay. This is because they have the ability to replace every other symbol on that slot machine. This means that if you get a wild, you may be able to score yourself a couple of decent combinations, which is always a plus!

Bonus Rounds & In Game Features

There are no bonus rounds in Wonky Wabbits Slot . Instead, all of the features that you find in the game will be encountered during standard play. This is something that we actually like. It doesn’t require too much in the way of brain power. It just happens, and you collect those winnings.

Far too often we have encountered slot machines which make their bonus rounds needlessly complex. We have had to tap into the game manual far too often, and that isn’t good. When you are playing slot machines, you really just want to kick back and relax. The Wonky Wabbits slot machine allows that:

Win Both Ways: We have covered this already. The machine will pay out from right to left and left to right. It really is simple. This is where many of the big wins will be recorded. It will appear on just about every combination of the machine, which is brilliant!

Stacked Wilds: these can appear on both the 2nd and the 4th reel. They are similar in function to standard wilds. The bonus? Well, they can appear stacked. This means that they will spread to the rest of the reel that they appear on. This makes every symbol there act as a wild which, of course, is going to lead to some rather marvellous wins.

Wild Duplication feature: yes. The last feature is also related to wilds. When a duplication wild appears, it will ‘duplicate’ itself to a position on the reel where it can generate you the most cash. When you factor in the other wilds in the game, up to fifteen can be displayed on the reels at once. Obviously, the chance of this happening is going to be fairly minimal. It does happen, though!

Wonky Wabbits Mobile Slot

Oddly enough, there is currently no mobile version of the Wonky Wabbits slot available. This is actually pretty strange as NetEnt have always been at the forefront of mobile slot machines. There seems to be no real indication that it will be launched any time soon either.

This is a great shame really. We do feel that the bright colours of the slot machine and the simplicity of the game would work wonders on a mobile device. NetEnt, if you are listening, this is one game that you really have to release for mobile devices.

Summary – What Do We Think?

This isn’t a game brimming with features. If you are expecting something that is going to make you think, then look elsewhere. If you are looking for something that you sit back, relax, and watch those winnings roll in with great frequency, then this is the perfect slot machine for you. It comes highly recommended by us!

You can play the Wonky Wabbits slot machine on any website which offers NetEnt games.