Mega Fortune Slot Review (Netent)

You could potentially win millions of pounds. Do we really need to say more about the Mega Fortune slot machine? If you jump into this game, then you are going to have an amazingly fun time. It is one of our favourite progressives ever.

How to Play Mega Fortune Slot

The Mega Fortune slot was first released by NetEnt in December 2013. It is a progressive jackpot slot (more on that soon). There are 5 reels and 25 paylines. It is a medium volatility slot machine with a house edge of 3.4%. To spin the slot, you will need to stump up a minimum of 25p. The maximum is £50. Not too high for a progressive slot.

What is a progressive slot machine? Well, when you normally play a slot, there is a fixed jackpot. With a progressive slot, there is not. Each time somebody plays the game, a small amount of the money that they use to play goes into a massive ‘pot’. It does not matter what online casino they are playing on, it all goes into the same pot.

As a result, the amount of money that the jackpot holds easily reaches the millions of pounds. Since Mega Fortune Slot is one of the most popular progressive slots out there, the amount of money that you can win gets exceedingly high.

The whole theme of the game is based around the idea of what you can buy if you win on the machine. Basically, the game is designed to tease you. It is not the best-designed slot in the world in terms of the imagery, but who cares if you are winning money? We know that we don’t!

Since this is a game which heavily relies on as many people playing the game as possible, the whole of it is simple to play. Very simple to play. If this is your first foray into the world of slots, it is a good one. Of course, even the most-experienced slot fan is still going to be able to find a lot to love in this game. It is awesome!

Bonus Rounds & In Game Features

Mega Fortune Wilds: The Wild is a speedboat. When you get the speedboat as part of a winning combination, there is an awesome little graphic that appears on the screen. The best part is that this comes with a 5x multiplier. This is not too shabby, and it appears regularly enough for you to get some benefit from it.

Mega Fortune Scatters: If you are lucky enough to get three or more scatters on the reels at once (these come in the form of champagne symbols), then you will get a feature which allows you to click some things. This will give you a random number of free spins, coupled with some multipliers. This is a lucrative feature.

How to Win The Mega Fortune Jackpot: The reason as to why most people stick around the Mega Fortune slot is of course, the Mega Fortune Jackpot! however, is due to the Wheel of Fortune. To trigger this, you need to get three bonus symbols on a payline. You will then be asked to spin a reel. There are numerous jackpots on offer here. For reference; the most amount of money won on this machine is coming up to £17.8 million (yes, you would be paid in pounds!) That’s quite astonishing isn’t it?

Mega Fortune Mobile Slot Machine

Fancy winning a couple of million pounds on your commute to work? Brilliant! You can do that with the Mega Fortune mobile slot machine. It functions so well, and it boasts very smooth gameplay.

The images look good too. Basically, this is probably one of the better mobile slots that we have played in recent years, and we are not the biggest fans of mobile slots at all!

Summary – What Do We Think?

If you enjoy progressive slot machines, then the Mega Fortune slot is the best of the best. Yes, the machine has had an ‘updated’ machine released in recent years (Mega Fortune Dreams slot), but we still believe that this is the best that NetEnt have ever come up with.

If you want to play the Mega Fortune slot machine, then head to any NetEnt casino. We know that this is a progressive slot, so it does not matter too much where you play as most online casino sites will share the same jackpot. But make sure you check before you play, not all casinos do.

However, it is fun to gamble at a place that you can trust. This is why we have put together a list of some of the best gambling sites around. Make sure that you check it out!