Playing Bingo Online

That’s right; you no longer need to head to your local bingo hall if you want to play a spot of bingo. Just as well, really. Nobody fancies spending their days listening to somebody with a dreary, monotone voice constantly saying “legs eleven”, or whatever ‘fun’ names they are using nowadays.

Now you don’t even need to put on your trousers, you can just sit at your computer and play bingo to your heart’s content. Playing Bingo online is a little bit different to playing it at a bingo hall, though.

Bingo online is not always available

This is one of the bigger downsides to playing bingo online; it is not always available.

Obviously, when you play bingo, there is always going to be a guaranteed winner. This means that you need multiple people playing, otherwise somebody will be walking away with a lot of cash (minus the commission of the bingo site), and that is just annoying.

Most online bingo sites will have operating hours from maybe 8am to 7pm at night. After that, they will close down and you will not be able to play there. This is because they know they will not have the customers to sustain their games.

Games will not be firing off 24/7 either. There may be a game starting every few minutes, but that is about it. This is why we tend to suggest that you play bingo at a new casino site in 2022.

While you are waiting for your next bingo game to start, you can play one of the other games on the site. Just a ‘quick playing’ one like a slot machine. This is a fantastic way to put the money that you have won playing bingo to good use, and it is something that we do a lot!

It is quicker

Seriously. Playing bingo online is exceedingly quick. It may take a few minutes to finish a game…at the most.

The game will automatically read out the numbers and mark them off your cards (there is an important reason for this soon), which means you do not have to do anything but cross your fingers and hope that you are going to win some serious amounts of cash. We hope you do, at least.

Because playing bingo online is so quick, you can probably churn through several games and actually see some wins, and you will only be spending an hour tops (and that includes waiting for the game to start)

Purchase many tickets

Online bingo is great. If you were in a bingo hall, you may struggle to use more than six tickets at once. You have to mark them all off, which makes it harder.

You do not have those restrictions in place when you play online bingo. It is not uncommon for people to buy dozens, and sometimes hundreds, of bingo tickets for a single game. In most cases, they are only going to be a few pennies each, unless you are in one of the bigger games of online bingo. We have seen tickets go for a couple of quid on occasion.

Different Bingo Variants

Bingo halls tend to offer 90 ball bingo as that is all people can seem to wrap their head around most of the time. Everybody knows how to play 90 ball bingo, and that is what gets people through the door and having a chin wag with their friends.

No restrictions like this in online bingo. We have seen some weird and whacky combinations in place when you play bingo online. These weird and whacky combinations are fun to play and, honestly, it is still just marking numbers off on your card and the game will tell you when you win anyway.

Want to play online bingo?

There are dedicated online sites which offer just bingo, but because the wins from bingo are never going to be that high (you are buying tickets for a few pennies at the most), it is likely that you will want to up your winnings in another way.

Many people will do this by playing slots, as they do not take a lot of money to play, but they have the potential to deliver huge wins. You will want to check out the best online casinos for that. You can find a list of them below!